‘...simple but revolutionary.’
Joana Telo Alves, Rua de Baixo
Image for Viver a Rua by Joshua Sofaer
‘...the effect is spectacular and crowd-stopping.’
Emma Townshend, Independent
Image for Rooted in the Earth by Joshua Sofaer
‘...an eclectic success. ...a big biography of this tiny piece of history.’
Kat Austen, New Scientist
Image for Object Retrieval by Joshua Sofaer
‘Scavengers encourages participants to engage with art in a more purposeful way - and even to become artists themselves.’
Natalie Brierley, New Statesman
Image for Scavengers by Joshua Sofaer
‘...the most powerful moment of the whole festival.’
Colette Bernhardt, The Guardian
Image for Tours of People’s Homes by Joshua Sofaer