Any Questions?

Premiered at Kunstbanken in Hamar, Norway, 4 September 2005

An interactive event in collaboration with Stacy Makishi.

Is it an interrogation?
Is it a desire to learn more?
Or is it simply curiosity?

What is it about a question that can make people blush, get angry or walk out of a room? A question can intrigue, challenge or flatter; a question can start a war and turn a stranger into a friend.

This is an event where questions are the only script, where telling the truth is the only rule, and the only answers provided, are the ones provided by you.

By sitting in this chair, you agree to tell the truth.

You may ask any question you like to anyone in the circle. They may ask you any question that they like.

This is the first full performance collaboration between Stacy Makishi and Joshua Sofaer whose relationship grew out of a series of questions just like these.