Joshua Sofaer


an Magazine

an Magazine

Pictures of Lily
30 Underwood Street Gallery, London
26 September – 3 November 1997

a-n Visual Arts
December 1997
Matthew Higgs

‘The sentimental occupies centre-stage in Joshua Sofaer’s open letter to his childhood friend John. The confessional wall text lays bare his juvenile infatuation and teenage lust. We become party to his painfully unrequited love. Sofaer has been adding to the text throughout the run of the exhibition’s run, performing this task dressed from head-to-toe in a silver sequined body suit, which lays, deflated, on a circular podium in his absence. Suggestive of the bitter sweet poetics of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sofaer’s installation is as seductive as it is unsettling.’