Tours of People’s Homes

Wunderbar Festival, Newcastle, 6-15 November 2009

11 unique experiences in 11 unique homes

Guests could nosy around 11 fascinating homes in Newcastle, Gateshead and Hexham on a themed tour by the owners themselves.

Local residents worked with Joshua Sofaer over a few months to develop a public tour or encounter in their own home. The experiences included real life stories, taking a bath, special security measures, the world of collections, going for an insulting dinner, entering a wardrobe, having a food fight, building a shed, and a investigating a historical house.

Tours of People’s Homes was curated by Ilana Mitchell for Wunderbar Festival

Have a bath with brother and sister, Peter and Katy Merrington.

Build a shed with Dan Civico.

Do you like horses? Spend an hour in their company at Carole Luby’s home.

Listen to fireside fables and graveyard tails with Peter Saaremets and Claire Webster Saaremets.

Go to a dinner party food fight with Katie Fletcher.

Have a private chat with Nathalie Levi.

Indulge in popular programmes, pop music and fizzy pop with Craig Astley.

Step into drawers, chests and wardrobes with Nicola Singh.

Unravel a house history in Hexham with Bob Hull.

Celebrate the miraculous healing of Pauline Frost.

Accept Kate Stobbart’s invitation to tea.