What a Performance

The Kindness of Strangers, W139 Gallery, Amsterdam
26th June - 9th August 1998
Powerlifting Competition, Frederick Hendrick Plantsoen, Amsterdam
2nd August 1998

Every day for a period of forty days, Joshua Sofaer sent a data information sheet to the W139 Gallery in Amsterdam, outlining his weight training, personal statistics, nutrition, daily comments, and a Polaroid photograph, in his preparation for the Powerlifting Competition at the 1998 Gay Games. The resulting installation, which grew with his training programme, mapped out the course of his physical development alongside the narrative of his daily life.

Arriving in Amsterdam ahead of the competition, the final parts of his training were performed in the gallery, to the bewilderment of of casual visitors.

Competing in the 56kg class, he won GOLD.

What a Performance identifies the overlaps between sport training and art making, using the strategies of each to reinvigorate the other.

The Kindness of Strangers was curated by Jeremy Akerman.