Joshua Sofaer


Collecting Things

Saturday 14th September 2013 10 a.m.
Saturday 12th October 2013 10 a.m.
Saturday 2nd November 2013 10 a.m.

£3/session (£9 for all three)

Cambridge Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX
Box Office: 01223 511 511
Box Office Email:

What do you collect?

Would you like to learn about collecting and share your collections with others?

This autumn collectors from across Cambridge are invited to share their passion for the things that they collect. Over 3 morning sessions participants will be introduced to the history of collecting, collecting as art, and the psychology of collecting. They will also be encouraged to talk about and share their own collections.

Some people are collectors without really knowing it: corks tossed from opened bottles of wine into a bowl, or change from their pockets thrown into a jar of coins. Other people form collections without thinking about them as a collection: vinyl records of a particular singer, t-shirts, books. We are guardians of family collections in the form of heirlooms. We all form collections by writing things down: shopping lists, letters to friends, dreams. Then there are those people who collect objects, antiques, paintings and ephemera. Practically everyone is a collector of something.

Please bring some of your collection with you, or if you prefer, put some images onto a usb drive. You can sign up for sessions singly or book for all three.

Sessions will be facilitated by artist and collector Joshua Sofaer

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