Workshops in People’s Homes

Are you interested in learning something new? Are you curious to visit other people’s homes? Workshops in People’s Homes is a public programme of unique activities and experiences in homes across Cumbria.

This May and June why not try something new?

• learn about seasonal living in temporary homes
• visit a crochet museum in someone’s front room
• enter a conversation in a tent that moves slowly through town
• raid the kitchen cupboard for products to manipulate your photographs
• swap unwanted craft tools in a garden shed
• have your dream home envisioned in a painting you can keep
• create a glass object for your own home
• meet a stranger who lives in residential care
• share stories of your home in the creation of an enormous felt nest
• go in search of the grasses of Cumbria in someone’s back yard

Workshops in People’s Homes celebrates people and places in Cumbria. We hope that visiting folk in their homes will not only give you the opportunity to develop a new skill but also learn something about the way that other people live and the stories that they have to share. We want to prove that kitchen tabletops and comfy armchairs are creative hubs. As much social occasions as they are opportunities for training and sharing expertise, Workshops in People’s Homes toasts the domestic.

Eleven Cumbrian have worked with artist Joshua Sofaer over the last few months, to develop a workshop in their own home. The kettle is primed to welcome you in. Make yourself at home.

Find out more about the workshops and book online:

Commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices, working in partnership with Eden Arts and Florence Mine. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.