Beak Street

One bedroom flat for rent in Beak Street, a (relatively) quiet street in Soho, London from January 2022-December 2022.

I am going to be working on a 1 year contract in Tainan, Taiwan and am looking for someone to rent my flat. Rather than move all my stuff into storage and “maximise my assets” I’m looking for someone I can trust, who is prepared to live with the majority of my stuff, and I will offer a substantial discount on the commercial rent. (Obviously I’ll clear out all my clothes, shoes, etc. and create space.)

The flat is on the 3rd (top) floor above 2 other flats. The ground floor is a commercial premises (a trendy luggage shop, open normal shopping hours.) The main room has a double-height ceiling with beams to skylights. It is flooded with natural light.

This room incorporates the kitchen, with integrated hob, oven, washing machine, and dishwasher.

The bedroom is small but has a standard double bed and a chest of drawers. (There is a separate large closet for hanging clothes in the hallway.)

The bathroom is spacious enough but there is no bath, only a shower. The water-pressure is good and the water is hot! (Recently fitted boiler.)

I had the flat valued for the purposes of rental income and was told £495/week would be the top, and to expect offers from £475/week. Obviously there would be significant costs paid for the packing, transport, and storage of my belongings, and then agent’s fees. Even after taking those into consideration, I will consider a further substantial reduction of the rent. My hope is to cover my London costs while I am away.