Moving in the New Cosmology

Webinar Wednesdays | The Place

Wednesday 24th May, 2pm
Online | 60min | Free
BSL Interpreted

It seems like an impossible task. Faced with the enormity of the climate crisis what can arts practices do? How do we even begin when we are already struggling with our own climate emotions?

The French philosopher of science Bruno Latour has argued that we are living in a new cosmology*: one where the privileged object is “virality”**. How might his description of this period of time help us to rethink ways of approaching the problem?

Artist Joshua Sofaer introduces these ideas and invites us to consider how our own feelings, research, and making, intersect with the global issues.

*Cosmology is used here in the anthropological sense, as the structures that help us understand and interpret the universe.
**We will explore what Latour means by “virality” but as a starting point we can think of the way in which the Covid-19 virus started from a single point and spread throughout the world with extraordinary rapidity, mutating as it went.

BSL Interpreted by Caroline Ryan and Lauren Lister.