Face It

Prognosen über Bewegungen (Prognosis of Movements), HAU2, Berlin, 8 June 2008

This face represents the future of Berlin. What does the future hold for the citizens?

In this performance lecture Joshua Sofaer made a prognosis. He foretold what lies ahead for the people of Berlin.

Sofaer gathered together six expert representatives from in and around Berlin, each responsible for a different area of social wellbeing. These experts hold the future of Berlin in their hands: leading figures from the fields of diplomacy, the environment, politics, entrepreneurship, family and health. Each sat for a photographic portrait. The six photographs were amalgamated into a composite image, a seventh portrait that represents nothing less than the future potential of Berlin itself. The future of this face is the future of the citizens of Berlin.

This face of Berlin was subjected to rigorous structural analysis, psychogenic readings and telepathic investigations from a mask maker, art historian, Chinese face reader, psychologist, psychic and Hollywood screenwriter.

The results were presented in this humorous and provocative installation and performance lecture.

Curated by Sibylle Peters
Research Assistant: Florian Feigl

With the generous cooperation of the faces of Hans-Christian Ströbele, Dr Gülnaz Gönül-Aslan, Maike Senger, Dr Ottmar Edenhofer, Sabine Werth, and Ambassador Professor Peter Katjavivi.

Face Readings and Analysis from Uwe Krieger, Professor Shearer West, Issac Chung, Professor Paul Ekman, Lee Van Zyl, Juliette Towhidi.

With thanks to Dr Bernard Tiddeman, School of Computer Science, St. Andrews University, Scotland, and to Björn Reißmann, KulturFoto, Berlin.