Joshua Sofaer


Publications by Joshua Sofaer

Street Hunt

A visual crossword puzzle.

Think about your daily routine as if it were a work of art.

1 object, 31 days. This is what happened.

The Many Headed Monster

Investigating the audience of contemporary performance.

This publication brings together nominations for Your Name Here.

What does it mean for an artist to be a leader?

An artist’s book about human migration and genetic inheritance.

The naming of a Porto street after a city citizen.

Rooted in the Earth Catalogue

The names of local people are written in elaborate displays of plants.

The Performance Pack

A kit to make a performance about performance.

One object explored for 7 days, 24 hours a day.

Performance Artist Paper Doll Sheet 1

Cut and play with your very own Performance Artist.

What does it mean to meet your namesake?

Post Colonial Studies

How getting a recipe wrong can sometimes be right.

What can culture do in times of wider crisis?

Performance Research 9.1

The Crystal Ball: From Stage to Page

Performance Research 7.1

The archaeology of childhood.

Performance Research 5(1)

Thoughts on being an active audience member.

I [heart] LA

Live art as the advertisers dream.

Art in London in at the Millennium.

Research in Process

Introduction to research as performance.

Looking in the eye of the camera.

Navigating the creative process.

Gagging for It, Exhibition Catalogue

Gagging for It Exhibition Catalogue

Collaboration and Performance

Publications on Joshua Sofaer

A monograph on Joshua Sofaer.

Reviews of Night Market Theatre.

Selected Press from The Gold Nose of Green Ginger

Selected press from The Rubbish Collection at Science Museum

Selected press from St Matthew Passion for Folkoperan.

A short history of fame and honours.

The lecture as performance.

Selected Press from Opera Helps.

Press File for Operahjälpen, part of Opera Showroom at Folkoperan, Stockholm.

Selected Press Clippings from Viver a Rua

Name in Lights Flyer

Selected Press Clippings from Name in Lights

Prognosen über Bewegungen

Essay on Joshua Sofaer’s Face It.

Third Text

Towards a Re-Articulation of Cultural Identity.

Two articles from The List on Festival Scavengers.

Selected Press Clippings from Object Retrieval.

Selected Press Clippings from Tours of People’s Homes.

Selected Press Clippings from Rooted in the Earth

Press Clippings from Street Hunt.

Butt Magazine

British Performance Artist performs performances and so on.


Photographic works by Manuel Vason

Oakland Tribune feature on SFMOMA Scavengers.

Art Monthly

Review of Pictures of Lily

an Artists' Profiles

Profile of Joshua Sofaer by Roddy Lumsden.

New Statesman

Review of Tate Scavengers.

an Magazine

Review of Flesh Confrontation.

On Tour

Article on The Performance Pack.

Live Art Magazine

Review of The Crystal Ball.

Live Art Magazine

Review of Artistic Tendencies.