Street Hunt

Norfolk & Norwich Festival
6-21 May 2011

Colchester Arts Centre
16 September-30 October 2017

Street Hunt is a kind of visual crossword puzzle, a treasure hunt where the riches are road names, a story emerging from the page: and the chance to win up to £10,000!

A poem is written with words from road names in a designated area.

A book of photographs shows the street signs and their surroundings but with the names removed.

Participants have to work out what the streets are, using the emerging story of the poem to help them.

The first person to submit a correctly completed book with all the right answers wins. The prize is the total cash fund of the amalgamated book sales with a guaranteed minimum of £1,000 and a maximum of £10,000 if all the books printed sold.

Street Hunt is about the topography of place and the wonders of its street names. It is about getting out into the streets, traveling around the county and talking to people.

Street Hunt Norfolk and Norwich:

winter –
frost, snow –
red robin.
brasier: chestnuts, marsh mallow.
ploughboy Adam, pretty plump Eva
Valentine lovers’ diamond ring.

spring –
flowers blossom,
church music,
sweet union.
strawberry cheese cake.
laughing image.

summer –
Hawaii beach honeymoon.
blue sky, golden sunset.
excelsior Hilton –
silkfields: little snoring.

autumn –
back home. strayground.
love drift. lonely. hollow pit.
utopia worlds end.
cider pump. ten mile drunken drove. police pullover.
common end.

* * * * *

Street Hunt Colchester:

Colchester Five Ways

Tall Tara Talbot,
Colchester badminton challenge.
Cross-court reach.
Pioneer coach Margaret Maidenburgh.
Olympic endeavour:
Close game.
Triumph. Victory. Podium.

Sargeant Robin Flagstaff,
Broad back.
Great regimental cohort.
Military unity.
Fellowes courage.

Crooked Christopher Speedwell.
Motor reaper.
Hunting Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Vauxhall Cavalier.
Drive burns hunters chase.

Sweet old singleton Enid Peppercorn,
Elton John fan.
Sandwich angel.
Finer cook.
Salmon, chanterelle, cabbage, chestnut.

Belle fairhead singer Bethany,
Silver fox builder Ewan, pleasant guy.
Church marriages.
Spring blossom garland: hawthorn, rowan.
Bride: sunny point island holiday tangerine tan.
Groom: bright blue cap.
Love. Waterworks.