Artistic Tendencies

Summer Exhibitionists, ICA, London, 20th July 1996
eXpo'96, Powerhouse, Nottingham, 16th November 1996

Artistic Tendencies was the first solo performance by Joshua Sofaer, programmed by Lois Keidan and Catherine Ugwu for Summer Exhibitionists at the ICA in 1996.

Subjecting the family album to psychoanalysis, performing both halves of a duet, and transforming into an artist in a playful costume striptease, the piece sought to critique the way in which the history of art has pathologized artists who work with the autobiographical as ‘narcissistic’. Pointing out how much difference an ‘e’ makes (the difference between and artist and an artiste), Artistic Tendencies sought to question the hierarchies in the fabrication and interpretation of contemporary art.