Love Problems? Opera Helps

Operahjälpen (Opera Helps)

Operahjälpen is a site specific opera project by Joshua Sofaer for the festival Opera Showroom at Folkoperan, Stockholm, Sweden.

19th-31st March 2012

Do you have a love or relationship problem?

Are you love sick, or facing divorce? Has your partner stopped listening to you? Do your children disrespect you? Do you have a poor relationship with your parents? Are you grieving someone’s death? Are you sick of being single? Do you have a crush on your boss at work?

We believe in opera and we think that opera might have a solution for you.

If you book a private session with one of our singers or musicians, they will come to your home, try to better understand your problem, and proscribe an operatic repertoire with the aim of addressing your particular concern. As well as introducing you to music that you can listen to in your own time, they will perform live for you, as you sit in your most comfortable chair, or even as you rest in bed.

This may seem like a gimmick to you, but we are entirely serious.

Why not give Operahjälpen a try?

To apply for one of the available slots, please indicate your problem, your address and your preferred performance date, and one of our representatives will contact you to confirm whether or not we can accommodate your request.

Operahjälpen is for residents of Stockholm. Performances in your home last for about 30 minutes. You can discuss your requirements with Jonas Palerius at Folkoperan. There is no charge for this service.