Me and You

Me and You: participation as art
An artist talk by Joshua Sofaer

9 September 2012
4 pm-6 pm Cafe Mezone, 83 Longquan St, Taipei City
Presented by Prototype Paradise for the Taipei Fringe

Joshua Sofaer makes art events, performances and exhibitions that often involve the participation of members of the public. He uses art to enable people to see the world as a place of potentiality and to become more active citizens.

Sofaer’s work is diverse. He has installed the name of a local resident in a giant illuminated sign in Birmingham, encouraged teams in San Francisco to race around the city answering clues, worked with members of the pubic in Newcastle to open their homes to strangers, and permanently changed the name of a street in the city of Porto, Portugal, to that of an ordinary citizen. The thread that holds these works together is a belief that contemporary art practice affords a certain kind of permission for people to experience things around them in a new and exciting way.

In this presentation Sofaer will show documentation of some of the works he has been making over the last decade, explaining the strategies and techniques that he has used to get people involved. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and share your own experiences.