Mouse Palace in Hamburg

Three years after its premier at Manchester International Festival 2019 and its subsequent Covid storage, Mouse Palace has made its way to Hamburg for the opening of the new Theatre of Research, FUNDUS THEATER / Forschungstheater. There are two palaces, one for children and one for mice. Mice pretend to be princes and princesses running around their small palace and children pretend to be mice pretending to be princes and princesses running around theirs. Even more gratifying is that Mouse Palace has found a permanent home in a kindergarten round the corner from Theatre of Research and can be enjoyed by children every day.

Mouse Palace by Joshua Sofaer, designed and built with How About Studio. Originally commissioned by Absolutely Cultured and Manchester International Festival, supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Premiered at Manchester International Festival as part of Animals of Manchester (including HUMANZ) at The Whitworth on 20th July 2019. Produced for Joshua Sofaer Projects by Philippa Barr.