15 minutes with…

2014 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Live Art Development Agency. To celebrate, they are planning a number of activities across the year, including the “15 Minutes With…” podcast series.

Stacy Makishi and Joshua Sofaer discuss Professional Development and Live Art.

There have been seismic shifts across the landscape of Live Art since LADA was founded in 1999 – from an unprecedented institutional embrace to a resurgence of artist-led initiatives, from a proliferation of performance books to a heightened online presence, from an explosion of practice-based research to the formation of new strategies of creative resistance, to cite but a few.

“15 Minutes With…” is a series of short dialogues with some of the artists and thinkers that LADA has worked with over the last 15 years. Using the lens of the Agency and the occasion of the 15th Anniversary, the dialogues reflect on how critical some of these shifts have been, not only to Live Art, but to the wider culture of the UK.

There will be a series of “15 Minutes With…” podcasts launched throughout 2014.