Embassy of Foreign Artists

Joshua Sofaer will be amongst the first artists to be offered a residency at La Maison Baron in Geneva, Switzerland.

Republic and Canton of Geneva
Public education, culture and sport department
Service cantonal de la culture

Embassy of Foreign Artists
at ‘La Maison Baron’
Residency – October 2012

The Republic and Canton of Geneva, in association with arts collective Laps, is opening La Maison Baron, a residency for international artists, located in the Praille-Acacias-Vernets area of Geneva.

Under the title, ‘Embassy of Foreign Artists’ and with the participation of international creators, local artists and cultural institutions in Geneva, this project aims to create and interactive network that will encourage the development of new approaches and reflection on contemporary urban development.

Joshua will be in residence at La Maison Baron in October 2012. Combining the idea of the ‘Embassy of Foreign Artists’, with those of language, translation and travel, he will explore the figure of the ‘ambassador’. What does it mean to act as a broker between countries, or between the artwork and the audience? What could an ‘art ambassador’ do?

La Maison Baron is curated by Madeleine Amsler and Richard Le Quellec.