Green Room Award

Sarah Rodigari has won a Green Room Award in the category of Outstanding Contemporary and Experimental Performance for her piece ‘Reach Out Touch Faith’ in collaboration with Joshua Sofaer at Arts House, Melbourne.

Joshua worked with Relational Dynamics Coaching techniques to facilitate Sarah’s creation of the script for the performance.

Joshua said, “I feel like a bit of a fraud having my name on Sarah’s award.”
Sarah responded, “You are the real relational deal!”

Collaborating with Sarah on ‘Reach Out Touch Faith’ is part of Joshua’s ongoing commitment to using coaching techniques as a way of developing artistic content.

The Green Room Awards are Melbourne Australia’s performing arts awards and recognise the world-class Cabaret, Dance, Musical Theatre, Opera, Theatre and Alternative and Hybrid Performance productions that grace Melbourne’s stages each year. From artistic excellence to technical innovation, a Green Room Award is the most revered accolade an artist can receive in Australia’s cultural capital.

The Green Room Awards were first held in 1982 and aim to recognise excellence across the Melbourne theatre industry by nominating and presenting awards.

Unlike other awards, the Green Room Awards is not a popularity contest. Panels of industry professionals who specialise in the different disciplines are responsible for deciding the nominees and recipients. Because of this industry involvement, a Green Room Award is a highly respected accolade for all performing and technical artists.