Opera Helps Online

Opera Helps is back for a world of social distancing.

Do you have a problem?

Are you lovesick, or facing divorce?
Has your partner stopped listening to you?
Do your children disrespect you?
Are you isolated, or alone?
Are you grieving someone’s death?
Are you worried about the future?
Have you lost your motivation?
Are you desperate for a change?


Opera Helps harnesses the power of opera to help participants view their troubles in a new light.

People apply with a problem. If we can meet their needs, a professional opera singer will meet them online and listen to the problem.

Then the singer will select the aria that relates to the problem. The aria will be sung to the participant as they relax in their preferred room.

Opera Helps lasts about 30 minutes.

Could Opera Helps work for you?

Opera Helps slots will be available from August 2020 and sessions will take place up until October 2020. If you would like to apply for one of the slots, please visit operahelps.com.

Opera Helps was created by artist Joshua Sofaer.

It first took place in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, with Folkoperan. It then toured the UK, produced by Wunderbar, in the spring of 2016. In these tours the opera singers visited people in their homes. Now the sessions will take place online.

Opera singers taking part include Carole King, Caroline Kennedy, David Jones, Eleanor Janes, Ian Beadle and Mae Heydorn.

The 2020 project is made possible by an Arts Council England National Lottery grant.